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Golden Gate Bridge on YouTube

2008 年 12 月 16 日 火曜日

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Golden Gate Bridge

California Travel Tips host Veronica Hill takes a closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the top San Francisco attractions.
We learned it’s about about 1.7 miles from beginning to end with a 4,200 foot suspension span. It takes about an hour to walk across.

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Engineering students and commoners alike marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge blueprints designed by Joseph Strauss and Irving Morrow.

Until then it was called “the bridge that couldn’t be built” due to rough ocean currents, heavy fog and 60mph winds. It was Morrow’s idea to paint it an orange vermillion, which increases its visibility in the City’s famous fog. The color is actually called “international orange”

The vista point on the Marin County side is perfect place to stop and take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoy the city’s fabulous skyline through a viewfinder or marvel at this beautiful piece of American architecture.

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8750-Escape from the Amazon-2

2008 年 12 月 5 日 金曜日

Four men, Carl who is the guide of jungle, Kevin, Marks and Yossi had an adventure. But they were lost and drifting on the raft in the deep jungle of Amazon. One of them is injured in the foot and lost their way. Therefore, the exploration has been difficult. At then, they began to quarrel about this Exploration. There are two choices for them to survive in the Amazon. On the one hand, they can descend this river on the raft. On the other hand, they would walk by the canyon to the village. Kevin thinks that he do not want to give up on this good adventure. For that, they have to decide to leave their injured friend, or keep the group together and continue on this adventure.