2012 English and Me


     I studied English for six years since junior high school student. I don’t like English yet. On the other hand, I love the baseball playing for eight years. I think that English is necessary in living. For example, if I go to overseas to travel or I go to Major Leagues, naturally it will use. Now although I don’t like English, I think that it should be a chance to come to like English by having been able to meet Mr. Yasuda.

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  1. 24012025 より:

    The club activities are great.
    However, let’s try English study hard together!

  2. 24012026 より:

    I think you will be good at English by Yasuda.
    Enjoy baseball and good luck!

  3. 24012022 より:

    I don’t like English too.
    But let’s study English together!