2029 Intensive Program

I have begun to learn English since a junior high student. I was able to
understand English.

But, it became difficult for me to follow a class while I learned passive voice and past
participle form. I did not go to the private supplementary school.

I was able to enter the high school. However,
I was still weak in English and did not like it. So, I participated in the
class called the summer intensive program in this summer. We did not have to
speak Japanese at all during class. I learned pleasure to take the
communication in English from the teachers who assumed English a native
language. And, I did not dislike English. But, I still feel that it is hard.

So, I want to participate in it next year. I
want to learn more English pleasure and a technique to talk about.


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  1. 24012030 より:

    Your positive thought is very important!
    I want to follow your though and work hard in studying English.

  2. 24012031 より:

    I was able to understand English then too. We have to learn English harder!!

  3. 24012034 より:

    You are a hard worker.
    I want to be enrolled in the summer intensive program too.