2031 English and Me

I don’t like English. I have trouble in listening and speaking English. When I was preparatory student, studying English was very hard to me. But these days, with a rapid progress of globalization, speaking English has been essential to communicate with peolple from all over the world. For example, TOEIC and TOEFL are important proficiency stadards. So we can’t avoid using English. Because I thought so, I could study English actively just a little. I want to be good at  speaking English in the new future.

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  1. 24012033 より:

    Society will continue to globalization. Let’s get used to it.

  2. 24012037 より:

    We can’t avoid using English.
    I’m not good at speaking English too.

  3. 24012030 より:

    I think also we can’t avoid globalization movement whenever.
    So , I don’t wanna think “I study unwillingly” but “I study willingly for globalization!”
    Do you think , too?

  4. 24012029 より:

    I think also that TOEIC and TOEFL are important proficiency stadards. So, I was able to sympathizeb with this story!

  5. 24012034 より:

    Your English is smooth!
    I want you to hone your English skills.

  6. 24012028 より:

    I don’t like English too.
    If we could speak more English, it would be more fun.