2037 English and Me

When I was a junior high school student, I began to study English.

I went to a juku.

I learned the English basics there.

Thanks to the basics,I was able to make the good score in English between a junior high school student.

 Because club activities have been very busy since I entered the high school, study have become negligent.

I did not study even a term tests until I quited club activities in the third grade at a high school.

As a result, the grades in the school were very bad.

However,my grades were improved thanks to the basics that I learned at the age of a junior high school.

And I was able to pass an entrance examination.

I think that the basics were very important as for English.

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  1. 24012035 より:

    I learnd basics are very important from your experience.
    I think all of studies wre needed basics.

  2. 24012033 より:

    I think everything is very important basic.

  3. 24012030 より:

    I think bacics are the most important of all studying.
    I never forget that.
    If I am troubled , I remember that.

  4. 24012031 より:

    I went to a juku too. Basic English is very important!