2011 English Ability

I don’t think I acquire English ability although I have learned English language for many years. My father has a good command of the English language. I envy my father whenever I travel abroad with my family. Then,I also intended to speak and listen to English. But I was frustrated. Why do I fall into such a situation in spite of studying English language yet. I can’t speak English even if I have some grammar skills to some extent. I want more opportunities to talk with native speakers or study abroad. Then I may be able to improve English ability.

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  1. 24012010 より:

    You want to study abroad! Where will you want to go? I want to master English, too!

  2. 24012008 より:

    I want to talk with native speakers too, so I will study English more. I want to live in UK in the future.

  3. 24012006 より:

    I want to talk with native speakers too! I think that I should study English more. Let’s do our best together.