English and Me

2012 年 11 月 30 日

I don’t like English. I have trouble in listening and speaking English. When I was preparatory student, studying English was very hard to me. But these days, with a rapid progress of globalization, speaking English has been essential to communicate with peolple from all over the world. For example, TOEIC and TOEFL are important proficiency stadards. So we can’t avoid using English. Because I thought so, I could study English actively just a little. I want to be good at  speaking English in the new future.

2030 English and Me

2012 年 11 月 30 日

I have been studying English since I was a junior high school student.

English class at that time was so easy that I still very good at English, so I liked English. But, in high school, I was tormented English. Its causes were a large number of words and the grammar.

However, English was necessary to enter university. So frantically studying, I overcome English.

After I entered college, I thought English in college was very easy. But Mr. Yasuda’s English class surprised me. Because his English class was that I had been not taken.

I’m still not good at English. But I think that World are being increasingly globalized and I would like to get the job that concern the language future now. So I study English well and want to become an English specialist. So in order to take the unit of this English Class.

2001 English and Me

2012 年 11 月 30 日

I learned English for the first time when I was a junior high school student. I first of all felt that a pronunciation of English is different from that of roman letters. When I played traditional Japanese playing cards written in English in the first class, I could not get cards. This was because I had pronounced words in roman letters. And then I put my efforts. The harder I studied, the better my test score became. However,   my study was for the entrance examination and was not useful in mastering English.

At present, I don’t study English hard after taking the entrance examination of university. I don’t listen to English at all. Although I want to be able to listen to and speak English properly, I don’t do my best. I think English is a difficult language, and my TOEIC score isn’t so either. In my class, I have a difficult time listening to English which my teacher speaks fluently.

I have a dream that I want to visit foreign countries and speak to foreign people. English is a universal language. If I can master English, I can exchange verbal communication with people around the world. It is attractive for me to be able to communicate with foreigners and it makes traveling abroad enjoyable. In addition, I have many things which I want to do. For example, I want to watch movies in English and enjoy American musical. How great if I can master English!



2026 English and Me

2012 年 11 月 29 日

I hate English. But I have studied English for about six years. I’m disgusted!

Let me tell you why I hate English.


When I was a junior high school student, I though English was easy and fun. I was good at English. But, suddenly English became difficult. I was confused about the subjunctive mood and the past perfect. We don’t often use them, so we shouldn’t study such complicated grammar.


Then more and more I had to read long stories which are not interesting. I want to read more exiting stories.


And pronunciation is difficult. I can’t pronounce “th” and can’t tell the difference between “r”s and “l”s. So I can’t speak and listen to English well. We should study pronunciation more in English classeses. And we should practice conversation in different situations. For example, I want to learn expressions about shopping situation, an airport situation and so on.

I want more opportunities to meet foreigners and speak to them. In fact there are few foreigners around us. So my suggestion is to speak all in English with Japanese classmates in 30 minutes.


I think conversation is more important than grammar. So in Janpan, English classes should have more conversations. I want to speak English well.

2022 English and Me

2012 年 11 月 29 日

I started to learn English since I was in junior high school.  At first, I was very interested in studying English and I like English.  It was very interesting to learn new things, and English is very cool.  But I didn’t like English.  When I was a high school student, it was very difficult to learn English, and I couldn’t understand it.  However, I think that seeing many people fluently speak English and people who speak in English with foreign friends.  It is very nice!  And I wanted to be so.  English is one of the most using languages in the world.  So, if I can speak English, I can talk with many people around the world.  I am going to study English harder.

2035 English and My Experience

2012 年 11 月 29 日

It is very important to study English. There was an experience which I realized

When I was 17 years old, I went to Australia with my family. I was riding a horse.
But suddenly the horse became uncontrollable and I fell from it. I broke my
right elbow. I went to hospital in Australia. The doctor spoke English but I
understood  a little. My father talked with him without an interpreter. It is because he lived in America when he was going
high school. He told me what doctor was saying. So I was relieved a little.

In this way I realized how important study English is. If you can understand
English, you can solve problems in foreign countries. I want to be able to
understand English and to help other people.

2008 English and Me

2012 年 11 月 29 日

  When I was a primary school student, I took English classes for the first time. My English teacher was a man who was from Australia. He taught us easy English words by playing games.

  When I was a junior high school student, a serious English classes began. I was good at English in those days.

  But I was no longer good at English in high school. I was poor at English grammar. So a study for examination was very painful for me. When I was in the third grade, I hardly knew English words and grammars. So I thought it was a miracle when I passed an entrance examination of Kwansei Gakuin University.

  In the university, I still have troubles with English. Especially this class is a trouble for me. But I will never give up!

  I’ll  study English more to make friends with a person from another country, and I want to know various culture.  I want to traval around the world in the future.

2034 English and Myself

2012 年 11 月 29 日

“I can’t speak English.” It’s the only
sentence I can speak with confidence. Honestly, I am very poor in English. I
can’t write many sentence without using a dictionary.

When I was a schoolchild, I couldn’t understand Romaji.                                                                                                                                                     Why “tsu” is not “tu”? Why “shi” is not “si”? I always thought so.                                                                                                                                          Even after becoming a junior high school student, the awkward English                                                                                                                                  tormented me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I was convinced that “I am weak in English.” So I could’t  even memorize                                                                                                                  English words.

Now I’m a university student, but my English skills are still insufficient.                                                                                                                        But I want to understand English more deeply because my dream is traveling                                                                                                             around the world. And many marks are written in English. So English is necessary to
realize my dream.

I will not give up!!

2033 English and Me

2012 年 11 月 29 日

 When I became a junior high school student, I studied English for the first time. At first, English started learning alphabets. I thought English was very easy. But English gradually becomes difficult. Then, I have been studying English for six years. But I don’t like English. I was born in Japan. So I have been speaking Japanese. That is why I thought I wasn’t good to English.

 But I read long sentence English in college. So I feel less aversion to English than before.

 In the future, when I study English, I will probably hit a word which I cannot understand. But I decide to work hard studying English. I want to take unit. In the future I don’t want to work in business requires English. So, English needing in the world. In this case, I should work hard in studying English. I work hard! For my future and this English class:)

2024 English which Change Me

2012 年 11 月 29 日

I began to study English when I was junior high school student. At first, I was not interested in English. But, the more I studied English, the more I liked it. And I was interesed in foreign countries. After completing the junior high school course, I entered a high school and studied hard to matriculate in a university. Then, I met a memorable person. His name is Mr. xxx. He said, “English is a language, so you can master English if you try.” I was impressed with the word. Thanks to the word, I could get in a university.
I want to seake English more and carry out contacts between different cultures. So I study very harder to realize this dream.