4329-Symbol of the fear

2015 年 12 月 2 日

Hello everyone!   Do you know the number of 9.11?   This number doesn’t mean my birthday but the worst day for America.

What happened on the day?   The answer is terrorism.   9.11 symbolizes the four terrorism at the same time in America.

This incident was a tragedy that robbed the lives of the 2,749 peoples.   After this catastrophe, the site of World Trade Center in New York City has been called “Ground Zero”.   So, the number of 911 is the symbol of the fear and we never forget this number forever.

4325-Justice of Terrorism

2015 年 11 月 18 日

The Attack on America on September 11 killed about 3,000 people in buildings. It is a real and historic matter that people all over the world can’t forget. The United States thought this terrorism is the beginning of a war.

Why did the terrorists commit such a cruel action? It is because they believed it was not evil but justice. They got angry with a disparate world. For the terrorists, they think they are only victims. However, many innocent people were killed by the selfish actions of the terrorists. They must not resort to violence for any reasons.

4321 Collapse of WTC

2015 年 11 月 18 日

Many people suspect that WTC Towers collapsed with the bombs that were set by the American government. They don’t believe it collapsed with fire. Because until now, there are no cases where the towers were collapsed with fire.

However, National Institute of Standards and Technology insists that WTC Towers collapsed with fire with the following procedure.

First, the pillars and the fireproof floors of WTC collapsed with collision. Besides, the jet fuel were diffused widely.

Second, the jet fuel made many floors collaps the formations of steel framework. In this way WTC of over 20 floors collapsed.

4318-The Truth behind 911

2015 年 11 月 18 日

Do you know the truth behind September 11 attacks? This happened in the United States fourteen years ago. Three thousand people were killed by two passenger planes then. This was the worst terrorist incident. Does everybody know the truth behind this case?

The government reports that the Twin Tower collapsed by a shock and fire after the airplanes attack. However, this is because the speed of collapsing was too high and there was the trace of the blasts.

This is claimed as the theory of the 911. September 11 attacks was not an unlucky accident.

4315-Cost of 911

2015 年 11 月 11 日

The growing rate of the gross domestic product of the United States increased in succession for seven quarters. In other words, American economy has restored. On the other hand, the total production of New York City has decreased and continued to adversely affect it in succession for ten quarters.

While the United States has restored overall economy, New York City’s negative economic growth has continued for two and a half years, this means an influence on economy of synchronized terrorist attacks is still big, and it shows that the aftermath of the shocks still is serious even now.

New York City estimates that the GDP which will be downed approximately by 60 billion dollars.

4313-September Eleven Terror Attacks

2015 年 11 月 11 日

September eleven terror attacks are four terrorists attacks using planes that occurred in simultaneously, in the United States on September 11, 2001.

Four passenger planes that took off from Boston, Dulles, and Newark were hijacked by the Arabian group at the same time. Two of four planes crashed into the World Trade Center, another one crashed into the Pentagon and exploded, and the other crashed in the State of Pennsylvania.

This indiscriminate terrorism killed over three thousand people. A few Japanese were killed in 911.

In the future, such a tragedy will be never occurred.

4299-Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

2015 年 11 月 11 日


September Eleven attacks are four terrorist attacks that used passenger airplanes. They occurred in simultaneously multiple way, in the United States on September 11, 2001.

Four passenger airplanes were hijacked by al-Qaida. Two of them crashed into the buildings;the World Trade Center, the Pentagon. All passengers and crew were killed.

The cause of this attack stems from Palestine problems. Briefly speaking, Palestine problems are an opposition of Jews and Arabs. For an Arab, the United States supported Israel financially to help the Jews.

It’s old problems, but it has become a new deep-rooted problem that has been carried over until today.

4332-9.11 Attacks

2015 年 11 月 11 日

Terrorism occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001.   Four airplanes were hijacked by al-Qaeda to crash into buildings.

In total, the attacks claimed the lives of about 3,000 people including 19 hijackers and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage and $3 trillion in total costs.

The official theory about this terrorism claims that it was attacked by al-Qaeda.   However, conspiracy theories claim there was advance knowledge of the attacks among high-level government officials.   I think there are more misteries in this terrorism.   What on earth is the truth of terrorism?

4305-A Japanese Firefighter Entered the Scene of Incident

2015 年 11 月 11 日

9 11 attacks happened in 2001. When the terrorism occurred, what did Japanese do?

A Japanese firefighter decided to visit the site because he worried about a foreign friend. At that time, New York firefighters wanted to be helped by Japanese firefighters. The Japanese firefighter decided to visit the site, and told volunteers and his colleagues of Japan such news. Japanese media reported the news. And a total of 11 people visited New York City. They searched missing persons and engaged in the rescue.

4319-September 11 Attacks

2015 年 11 月 11 日

September 11 Attacks

Fourteen years ago terrorists attacked the United States.  We call this day 911 because the attacks happened on September 11.

911 was terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorists called Al-Qaeda. It occurred on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The attacks consisted of suicide attacks target the World Trade Center Buildings.  Two airplanes which were highjacked by 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists were flown into buildings.  It was the deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States.