2010 年 10 月 のアーカイブ

9096-The collapse of the building

2010 年 10 月 19 日 火曜日

On September 11, an airplane collided with the twin tower. Generally speaking, these buildings have been collapsed by the collision of the airplane. However, the iron cannot be dissolved by the flame of the jet engine. Some people speculate that this explosive such as Thermit emitting high heat was used. When the Thermit lights it, it become 2,500 degrees and can dissolve iron. Therefore, some people suspect that this building collapsed by having used the explosive. In fact a picture of an explosion caused in a lower floor before a building collapses exists. Possibly the story to be a plot of the U.S. Government may be true.

9101-we are family

2010 年 10 月 13 日 水曜日

At September 11 in 2001, acts of terrorism broke out in New York in America. This incident inflicted serious damage that thousands of American people was killed by that terrorism. This tragic shock spread quickly all over the world, and many musicians was affected by this. Many world famous musicians took actions to give some hopeless victims courage. For example, Nile Rodgers gathered world famous singers at recording studio in New York and Los Angeles and recorded “WE are family” of Sister Sledge as brand-new version. The benefits of this recorded CDs were spent all on contribution for them. 

9082-911 conspiracy theory

2010 年 10 月 13 日 水曜日

Do you know that there is not only opinion that Al-Qaeda caused 911, but also conspiracy theory? Today I will introduce about one of evidences.

The evidence is white smoke. World trade center was run into by two planes, and it was destroyed, wasn’t it? But there is opinion that bombs were used for collapse of building. It’s because white smoke appeared under point than point which two planes ran into. It is said by bomb. The evidence is melting steel which found after destroying. Only fire can’t melt steels. So it is said that it was used by bomb.

Who caused this? I think Larry Silverstein. It is because he was owner of Twin Towers. And Twin Towers cost sum of money for maintenance. He got 8bilion50milinon dollars when the towers were destroyed. So I think that true criminal who caused 911 is Larry Silverstein.                                                            

9087-Site of World Trade Center

2010 年 10 月 13 日 水曜日

 Families of the deceased wanted to make site of World Trade Center place of memorial. But, Municipal officials hoped to construct new office building. Families of the deceased were opposed to first reconstruction plan. After all, American architect Daniel Libeskind’s plan was adopted. The groundbreaking ceremony to construct the building on the site in World Trade Center was held in July, 2004. Some new high buildings were constructed on the site and the highest building was named, “Freedom Tower”, and was the height of 1776 feet commemorating 1776 independent year of the United States. The buildings will be completed in 2013 and the name of the buildings will become “World Trade Center”.

9071 Tourounagashi on Hudson River

2010 年 10 月 13 日 水曜日

Let me introduce Tourounagashi on Hudson River in New York. This ceremony began in 2003. It is sponsored by New York Honganji temple with a group of NY de volunteer. Tourounagsh is usually a Buddhist ceremony in which paper lanterns are floated down a river. But in this event on Hudson River, people don’t do a Buddhist service. Representatives of different religion, for example, Christianity and Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Shinto, say grace their own religion. It has become beyond-religion ceremony. A lot of massages for peace are written on tourou in Japanese, English, Korean, Arabic. Many people renew their determination to attain peace.


9083-the power of music

2010 年 10 月 13 日 水曜日

Do you know a famous song ‘Hanamizuki’ that Hitoto Yo sings? This was used as a material for a movie, but she composed with her sadness by Events of 11 September. I hear she lost her friend on this terrorism. This event happened suddenly with terrible shocks to everyone. The scene that The Twin Towers were crashed by airplane was broadcasted again and again as if printing on people’s consciousness. Many people sympathized with America. And artists in the world expressed each feelings by each ways. In America, big musicians played in memorial service, for example, U2, Stevie Wonder, Sting, and Neil Young sang ‘Imagine’. Everyone listens to music, and little by little, music heals everyone’s great sorrow.

9067-Fahrenheit 9/11

2010 年 10 月 13 日 水曜日

Do you know the movie ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’?


Fahrenheit 9/11 is a 2004 film by American filmmaker and political commentator Michael Moore.


This film takes a critical look at the presidency of George W. Bush, the War on Terror, and its coverage in the news media.


The title of the film alludes to Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian view of the future United States, analogizing the ignition temperature of paper with the date of the September 11 attacks; the film’s tagline is “The Temperature at Which Freedom Burns.”


In the film, Moore is asking the right qualities as president through election scandal in Florida, Bush’s actions before and after September 11 attacks, and surprising relationship between bin Laden family and the Bush family.


Also, through a painful cry of mother who had lost children in Iraq, Moore inveigh the whole society not against meaningless war.

9102-Japanese student killed 9.11

2010 年 10 月 12 日 火曜日

Kazuya Kuge killed 911 a Japanese student.


Hello everyone. Today I’d like to talk about Kazuya Kuge who killed 911.

Kazuya Kuge was from Hyogo, and graduated from Kitano high school in Osaka.

He studied science and engineering at Waseda university and wanted to travel the United State of America and study in American college.

He left for Canada from Haneda airport at August 29th , and he traveled Canada and New York. And September 11th, he got on the plane of United Air 93 bound for San Francisco from New York. It was the fourth hijacked plane.

This plane’s staffs and passengers resisted the terrorists, so they couldn’t attain their mission. Then one passenger said the famous word Let’s roll”. It was the slogan of Iraq war.

But the plane crashed into Pennsylvania plain. And Kazuya died here. He was 20 years old.

4 years passed after he had died, his friends gave a cedar to his school. It is called Life of tree.

Thank you for your listening.


2010 年 10 月 12 日 火曜日

In September 11 2001, It happened that terrorism using a plane in America. The historical event’s mastermind was ʿAwad bin Lādin. He was from Saudi Arabia and a rich person. And in a cold war, he entered the war when Russia invated in Afghanistan and was trained by CIA. After a cold war, he was shocked by seeing U.S army stationed in Saudi Arabia. He planed to do Jihad. When I watched TV about 9.11, an American said, How many harmless people was sacrificed…, but Palestinian children refuted,How many harmless people was sacrificed by an indiscriminate slaughter of Israel and aerial bombardment by America!Consequently America made up the plot that was international society VS terrorism.  America…there is nothing of goodness and evil in war! American say that terrorism is a challenge for civilized society, but there is identity that even poor race want to defend all, isn’t it? America…don’t be proud and arrogant. At last , globalism failed! People’ rebellious spirit that had been threatened to their politics and economy and religion is deep-rooted.


2010 年 10 月 12 日 火曜日

Let me introduce USA PATRIOT Act, “aikoku-hou” in Japanese, which was approved only 45 days after 911. This bill was passed with the aim of fighting with terrorism by an overwhelming majority of Congress. But some opposed it from the beginning because the bill enlarged the power of the government authorities greatly. In fact, under this law, Islamic and Middle Eastern immigrants were detained and someone who criticized Bush or the war of America was interrogated, that’s because they are considered to be involved in terrorism.

In this situation, American ordinary citizens may also be invaded their right because this law extended the definition of terrorism. So I think that American people need to think about the guarantee of the own right again as well as avoiding the outside danger.