2084 My Future

2020 is the year that the Olympic will be held in Tokyo again. The first Tokyo Olympic was held in 1964. These days, people must have been excited and enjoyed watching the Olympic games.

I will enjoy watching the Olympic games and talk about it with my friends every day in 2020.

If my hope comes true, I will be a public employee. Of course, to realize this dream, I must study hard. But, I will not be going to give up my dream. Because to be a public employee is the dream since I was a child.

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  1. 24012081 より:

    I hope your dream comes true. And I want to see the Olympic games too.

  2. 24012079 より:

    I muat have the necessary abilities for the job. It causes a sense of danger.

  3. 24011450 より:

    I also aimed at a public employee. Do our best.

  4. 24012004 より:

    I am looking for Tokyo Olympic in 2020. I hope your dream comes true.

  5. 24012095 より:

    To be a public employee is so difficult, but I hope your long dream comes true.