2004 Tokyo Olympic

Tokyo has been chosen over Istanbul and Madrid by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2020 Summer Games. This news made Japanese people happy. Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics 56 years after it staged the same event.

At last just before the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, Shinkansen opened. Shinkansen is the high-speed railroad of Japan. It is very useful for us to travel in Japan. It is very fast, punctual and safe. The Shinkansen is a crystal of technology of Japan of days.

By 2020, Japanese automobile companies are going to develop an automatic operation vehicle and are going to sell such vehicle at reasonable prices. This is already a car which can run without people operating. Drivers will be unnecessary. And, traffic accidents can be reduced. Moreover, traffic congestion will be solved sharply. Of course, the Japanese government expects this development. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will give one billion yen budget in the 2014. But there are also many problems. For example, who takes responsibility, when an accident occurs?

What kind of development the car which runs a road accomplished in 2020?

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  1. 24012090 より:

    In 2020, I’m looking forward to watching a lot of games. But I noticed that there are many ploblems. They must be solved by 2020.

  2. 24011450 より:

    I`m happy because Olympic Games is held in Tokyo.
    That is pride of Japan.

  3. 24010212 より:

    I glad to decide Tokyo Olympic! I ‘m looking forward to watching that.

  4. 24012089 より:

    Tokyo has been chosen host Olympic Games. It is very good news! I am looking forward to seeing games.

  5. 24012097 より:

    I’m looking forward to Tokyo Olympic!
    Also I’m looking forward to economic growth.

  6. 24012097 より:

    I’m looking forward to Tokyo Olympic.
    Also I’m looking forward to economic growth associated with it.