3355 Aibow ~Love Rainbow ~ Assistive Technology with Culture ~

Let  me  introduce  a  familiar  and  ordinary  assistive  technology.      We  always  use  chopsticks  to  eat.  It  is  Japanese  culture  but  there  are  persons  whose  hands  are  inconvenient.   So  a  company  made  peculiar  handle‘s chopsticks  for  the handicapped  to  easily  adapt  the  Japanese  culture.  The  chopstick’s  handle  is  round  and  it  is  easy  to  grip.   In  fact  there  are  many  other  way  to  eat , for  example  spoons  and  forks.  But  conforming  to  our  culture  is  very  important  for  Japanese  people.  I  hope  that  assistive  technology  will  improve  our  lifestyle  with  our  culture.

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  1. 24013354 より:

    I think that this chopsticks is very usually.

  2. 24013367 より:

    The chopsticks will make the handicapped people comfortable.

  3. 24013356 より:

    Japanese often use chopsticks,so aibow help a lot of Japanese.

  4. 24013368 より:

    This chopsticks is very goog.

  5. 24013370 より:

    I think that aibow help many Japanise.
    I hope too!