3362 Good and Bad Points of Assistive Technology

Good and Bad Points of Assistive Technology

              People with disabilities often encounter with difficulties. For example, people cannot hear, operate many devices nor communicate with others. It is assistive technology that eases these difficulties.

              When I searched assistive technology, I found a website. The company invented “Yomiage meijin (読み上げ名人).” You set a book to the machine and push the button. The apparatus can display a text in large type and read the content. The apparatus helps blind people read books. Surprisingly, this apparatus costs 198,000 yen. Many disabled people are low-income earner so it is hard for them to buy this apparatus. I perceive a need of aid by the government.

              Certainly assistive technology makes disabled people happy. The next problem for them is money; the government has to aid them.

出典 http://www.ainet-jp.net/products/yomiage/

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  1. 24013387 より:

    Yomiage meijin (読み上げ名人)” is very useful.
    But I also think it’s very expensive. So it should be sold more cheper.

  2. 24013369 より:

    I realized that the Yomiage meijin(読み上げ名人) is very useful and high quality of assistive technology!

  3. 24013372 より:

    I am for your opinion. Security of the government makes them more happy.

  4. 24013361 より:

    Yomiage meijin is very convenient for many people. I did not know this machine, so your announcement was very interesting.

  5. 24013385 より:

    Thank you for the comment!!
    I am interested in the Yomiage meijin. If the price of that falls, it will spread the world.

  6. 24013368 より:

    Many disable people will be able to enjoy reading many books by using Yomiage Meijin.