3380 iPhone as Assistive Technology


An iPhone is useful for a lot of people. But, it has an occluded assistive technology. For example, blind people and people with hearing difficulties. In case of blind people, it has many features to help them. It is called “Voice over”. Furthermore, the function of “siri” is a tool that users can tell, activate many apps in voice and find out all kinds of information by that they tell theirs. Moreover, in case of people with hearing difficulties, the FaceTime videophone app of iPhone can be used to communicate visually with other people and no audible communication methods such as lip reading as lip reading.

With these utilities, I think that an iPhone is the best item for the disabled living ordinarily and its function is being more and more developed. However, I think that an iPhone doesn’t only progressive but also made with thinking the elderly.

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  1. myasudakg より:

    Please reformat into a PARAGRAPH!!!


  2. 24013379 より:

    I think so, too! “Siri” helps blind people and people with hearing difficulties use iPhone.

  3. 24013381 より:

    I think that iPhone is great. Because it helps not only blind people but also healthy people. It is convenient goods for healthy people and assistive technorogy.

  4. 24013382 より:

    I agree with you. iPhone has great potential, so I hope that this device would be used by whole generations.

  5. 24013378 より:

    I didn’t think that the “siri” is an assistive technology.

  6. 24013397 より:

    I agree with you.
    The technology is greatest.

  7. 24012817 より:

    Oh! This is useful!

    and will you dome a favor?
    please comment mine!