3381 A Voice Ruler for The Disability


        Do you know the product which is named “voice ruler”? It is used by children with a developmental disability and hard-of-hearing people. Such people have troubles understanding the volume of their own voice. It informs them the volume by lighting in different colors. If the light is blue, the volume is small. If the light is green, the volume is normal. If the light is red, the volume is too big.

        It is very popular with many people because the operation is simple and it is easy to carry. It is one of assistive technologies and makes the life of many people better.  So “voice ruler” attracts attention now. Many people need it.

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  1. myasudakg より:

    NO ID (4 digits) to be prefixed in the TITLE!!!

  2. 24013395 より:

    I heard for the first time such assistive technology. I think I would like to use this technology once.

  3. 24013380 より:

    I was surprised at that hard-of-hearing people can understand a variety of voice by identifying color. Also, I think that the idea is good.

  4. 24013377 より:

    That’s so good. The disabled can enjoy their talking with the machine, it is amazing improving in the world.

  5. 24013396 より:

    I knew the mahine for the first time. Users all over the world will increase in the future.

  6. 24013382 より:

    Hard-of-hearing people with this device will be able to speak everything without caring whether their voices have too big volume or not. This invention is so nice.