3391 Robot Suit HAL

I would like to introduce a progressive technology. It is a robot suit called HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) which was developed by Japan’s Tsukuba University and the robotics company CYBERDYNE. It is shaped like a body suit. So by wearing this machine, you can boost, assist, and extend the body functions.

Then, let me explain how it is operated. First, people with physical disabilities have to wear it. And HAL reads signals to muscles through the nerves from brains. The signals leak out from the skin surface as the very weak “bio-signals.” HAL reads the signals, and controls the power unit as you wish. It can give a larger power, or assist the movement the way you want it to.

In short, HAL is very useful in welfare, medical-care industry, and disasters.

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  1. 24013393 より:

    I was surprised at the technical existence to use signals in a brain.

  2. 24013384 より:

    Since I heard your speech, I became delightful about Japan’s technology.

  3. 24013377 より:

    HAL looks soooo cool and very usuful! I wanna try this one. I hope future will be filled with amazing technologies.

  4. 24013388 より:

    HAL is so smart!! I’m surprised at the advance of technology.

  5. 24013372 より:

    I understood HAL is very useful everywhere because of your speech. In the future, it might help me.

  6. 24013385 より:

    HAL is very smart!! Moreover, I was surprised at the high level of Japanese technology.

  7. 24013361 より:

    Your content is easy to understand because there is a conclusion.