3367 Bose Quiet Comfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Let me introduce Bose Quiet Comfort 3. Bose is one of the biggest audio makers.And it is the headphone that cancel noises.Because the opposite sounds cancel the noises and both the sounds and the noises vanish, we can enjoy listening to the music without noises.Moreover we don’t become very tired for a long time . It can be recharged the battery and it is quite lightweight. So we can listen to the music without interference and continually use for lond periods. Eventually the headphone makes our lives much more comfortable.

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  1. 24013355 より:

    I want noise canceling headphone.
    I will enjoy more my favorite musician’s music!!

  2. 24013354 より:

    I want to buy headphone of Bose.

  3. 24013356 より:

    I want to be relaxed.
    This made me happy. I will use the headphone.

  4. 24013368 より:

    Thanks to the machine,we can enjoy listening to the music without noise.

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    I want to headphone.
    I like listen to the music!