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 These days, assistive technology makes impressive progress in tools that are useful for disability persons. For example, wheelchairs are well-known. Previously, many old wheelchairs required hand control. However, these days, electricity controlled wheels chairs are being used. Electricity wheelchairs give users to perform more freedom and large in daily life. These days, a wheelchair enables the users to take bath taking it or them to lie down taking it.

 Why did engineers develop them? I think its cause is the Paralympics. The Paralympics is a major international multi-sport event. World citizens took more interest in wheelchairs through the Paralympics. It is nice that people all over the world cooperate to something. I felt that people can’t advance by themselves.

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  1. 24013384 より:

    I was surprised that latest wheelchairs enables the users to take bath taking it or them to lie down taking it!

  2. 24013380 より:

    I also think that wheelchairs are more useful gradually such as that the users can take bath by using them and it will be good that they will become accessible tool.

  3. 24013395 より:

    I think that Electricity wheelchairs are very comfortable for people. I hope that it is cheap than now. I was easy to understand example of The Paralympics.

  4. 24013377 より:

    Electricity wheelchairs are very useful for the disabled, but they are too expensive to buy. I hope engineer to improve them and make accessible.

  5. 24013378 より:

    I wrote it about this assistive technology. It is chance meeting!