3384 Enrich the Heart by Using Beeswax Pencil

Today let me introduce an assistive technology product. This is “Mitsurou Pen.” It was introduced in “Barrier Free 2012” in Osaka.  This pencil produced by Akiyoshi Kurita who was an art teacher at a certain blind school. By this pencil, you can draw swelled lines. Disabled people can enjoy drawing works.

You can even draw on a glass or a plastic. Lines can be thin or thick. This pen keeps at constant temperature and has a cover of an insulating material, so you can use this safety. This pen’s ink is made from beehive, so it is safe even if the ink is taken by mistake.

Using this pencil, some blind children will try to be an artist. Since I know of this product, I think we should reduce barriers so that everyone can enjoy the life.

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  1. 24013387 より:

    Your comment made me happy.Thank you!
    This pencil is useful. Akiyoshi Kurita ‘s idea is very good!!

  2. 24013382 より:

    The pencil is so innovative! I am happy when I hear that the pencil gives dream of becoming artists to some blind children.

  3. 24013379 より:

    I surprised that the pencil’s ink is made from beehive!
    Akiyoshi Kurita is very smart!!

  4. 24013388 より:

    This pencil is so great device!! I’m happy to know that technology help the people achieve their goal.

  5. 24013377 より:

    What a great pencil! Techonology can improve more and more in the future. I expect appearance of blind art artist.

  6. 24013385 より:

    The pencil is wonderful!! I would like to use it.
    It will help many people in the future.