3387 Brai Talker

 What is assistive technology? It is used by the handicapped people. It makes a contribution to their life and learning.
For example, “Brai Talker” is the equipment which helps their self-support. Its size is a postcard. It weighs about 300g.  A user can use tenji by speaking  the contents. All operations are done by the voice. A user also can connect it to a personal computer, and use as a keyboard to input tenji. This concept is “easy operation”. Functions are not many, but it’s very useful.
 Even if you don’t know tenji, you can send a letter or an e-mail to blind people. It enables handicapped persons to communicate with everybody.

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  1. 24013362 より:

    This device is small and light, so it is suited for carrying.

  2. 24013384 より:

    Your speech was so good. You speaked crearly, so I could understand the matter easily.

  3. 24013388 より:

    This device is so useful. Any one can enjoy communicating easily.

  4. 24013385 より:

    This device is very useful. I got to know the device for the first time.

  5. 24013391 より:

    This device is very light and simple. So, everyone can use it easily!