3396 Thought transmission device for the disabled

This time, let me introduce  thought transmission device. This device helps those who can’t speak to express their feelings and it has analog and digital types. The former has a dial for the disabled who can’t move their fingers and the later has “Let’s chat” as an assistive technology. People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis can communicate with others by using “Let’s chat.” For example, when people with ALS become hungry and input “I am hungry” into “Let’s chat,” this device reads the texts aloud and they can express their feelings to others.

 In short, assistive technology is a blessing for the disabled.

 I hope that such a technology progresses from now own.

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  1. 24013395 より:

    I was also tested for ALS, I knew first time that this technology`s name is Let`s chat.
    I also hope ALS can talk with other people and this technology advances than now.

  2. 24013397 より:

    ALS is very convevience technology.
    What disabled can express their feeling is great .
    In the future , this is imploved.

  3. 24013393 より:

    It will be very important for those who can’t speak to communicate.
    Therefore the device may emerge as the hub of assistive technology to communicate in the future.

  4. 24013381 より:

    The goods will make the life of people with ALS better. I want them to spread around the world.

  5. 24013382 より:

    The device is very useful for people with ALS, but it is expensive. Searching for this device, I found that it is 168,000yen. I hope that the price should be more lower.

  6. 24013390 より:

    This device is very breakthrough in that ALS people can express their feelings.  I can hardly wait for wider dissemination.