3368 ATM Introduced assistive technology


ATM especially has two functions. The first one is for us to withdraw our savings. The other is for us to deposit our money. But, it is difficult for many handicapped people to use ATM.So many banks provided various assistive technologies. For example, the handicapped can use ATM by talking in audio response unit. They pick up the receiver, and listen to the machine voice. The voice helps them to operate ATM. So many blind people can withdraw their savings, enjoy shopping all by themselves.

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  1. myasudakg より:

    no ID!!!!

  2. 24013354 より:

    I dont’ know this function.

  3. 24013367 より:

    The supporting system sounds very useful.

  4. 24013362 より:

    Although blind people run into a lot of difficulties, it will be convenient for them to live by introducing speech system.

  5. 24013370 より:

    The supporting system is very fantastic!

  6. 24013355 より:

    This function is veru surprising me!!

  7. 24013356 より:

    It is very interesting. I want to use it.