3370 Here Comes the Artificial Limb!


Today, let me tell you about the artificial limbs.  They are used for handicapped people who lost their arms or legs in accidents.  Handicapped people use them not only for their daily life but also for playing sports.  In sports, for example, athletes in Paralympic Games use them.  But they cannot use them in daily life as well as in sports.  An assistive technology of artificial limbs is developing rapidly.  Now, it is difficult to distinguish artificial limbs from real arms and legs.  So, handicapped people using them never feel inferior in non-handicapped people presence. 

I think that we should not forget handicapped people using them.

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  2. 24013354 より:

    I was surprised this technology.

  3. 24013361 より:

    This device makes handicapped people more convenient!

  4. 24013367 より:

    The technology is very revolutionary invention!

  5. 24013355 より:

    This artificial limb will give us not only convenient but also hope!

  6. 24013356 より:

    The artifical limb will help many people.

  7. 24013368 より:

    This tecnology is very interesting.