2817 Eye Typing Technology

              Today, I will introduce you the Eye Typing Technology.

              Eye typing technology is researched and developed now. It is a technology that a camera perceives and follows a motion of eyes and types a character on the screen of a personal computer.

              In Japan, Saga University is the latest this field. A lot of equipment was required until Saga University developed this technology. For example, in order to follow a motion of eyes, the electrode need to be stuck on the face and glasses with an infrared camera need to be attached. This research is still under development for physically handicapped persons.

              The difference of physically handicapped persons and healthy persons will decrease with such a technology from now on.

Thank you for listenning!

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  1. 24013393 より:

    I think it is convenient for disabled people to live their lives.
    I expect that the technology will develop.

  2. 24013372 より:

    Eye typing technology is very useful. It will make challenged persons happy.

  3. 24013390 より:

    How breakthrough this device is!
    I hope it will realize society which is barrier-free for everybody.

  4. 24013361 より:

    I hope that this device more be used conveniently!

  5. 24013380 より:

    I think that eye typing technology is useful for a handicapped people.
    Then, in my opinion, it is good for it to develop in the future.

  6. 24013395 より:

    This writing is easy for me to read. I hope this technology evolve than now.

  7. myasudakg より:

    Do you have two threads?

  8. 24012817 より:

    Sorry for my mistake.
    I uploaded revised version、but forgot delete the before edit version.