3380 United Airlines Flight 93 of 9-11

United Airlines Flight 93 is the plane which was hijacked in 9-11 attacks and crashed in the suburbs of Pittsburg in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Also, 44 passengers and crews died with no survivors by the crash. Moreover, it is one of four planes hijacked by four hijackers when 9-11 broke out. However, it is the only plane that didn’t collide a building in hijacked plane when 9-11 broke out. Also, it is said that it would have collided United States Capitol or the White House if terrorists had practiced only more attacks in terrorism.

Thus, I wonder why United Airlines Flight 93 attack failed. At least, we are glad that United States Capitol or the White House were not destroyed by terrorists.

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  1. 24013361 より:

    I haven’t thought this opinion! I glad to know new information.

  2. 24013387 より:

    I thought it was surely lucky to hear your speech that White House was not destroyed.

  3. 24013379 より:

    I have never heard this fact. And I think so, you too!

  4. 24013382 より:

    I can’t guess the cause for this failure, but I also glad the Capitol was not destroyed.

  5. 24013397 より:

    In fact I do not know yet.
    However , it is not yet accept the reality.

  6. 24013381 より:

    I did not know the information. I am interested in it and agree to your opinion.