3388 The Background of Conspiracy Theories

The official views about the 9・11 accident concluded that it was caused by al-Qaeda, and everyone, from the Government downward, didn’t foresee the attacks.

However, there are theories against the official theories. They claim that while the Government foresaw the attack in advance, it overlooked even assisted the attack. Another one claims that it was carried out by the Government.

Behind these theories being advocated, there are opinions that the accident gave support to the Bush Administration so that it triggered Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and so they profited the munitions industry of America.

Then, another one claims that distrust against a power, anti-American sentiment, and anti-Jewish sentiment underlie conspiracy theories.

New problems were revealed and U.S. Government appears to be must deal with these problems.

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  1. 24013361 より:

    I was surprised that there are a variety of thinking about 9.11!

  2. 24013391 より:

    I didn’t know there are many conspiracy theories.
    U.S. government must explain the view on the matter.

  3. 24013377 より:

    How terrible.. U.S. government must tell us true theories.

  4. 24013387 より:

    I thought the truth isn’t known. I want to know it.

  5. 24013355 より:

    I didn’t know this theories.
    I want to know truth. Tell me! Tell me !!

  6. 24013385 より:

    I didn’t know this theories.
    I’d like to know of U.S. government truth.

  7. 24013384 より:

    We haven’t been got the truth about 9.11.
    We should get it!