3382 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

In popular lore, the September 11 Attacks were caused by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda. However, there are some other theories. In consequence of the attacks, the approval rate of the U.S. Government suddenly went up. In addition, the war against Iraq and Afghanistan broke out, then American military industries gained profits. So some people suspect a plot by U.S. Government. They claim that the government led this war or had already known this planning. I don’t agree to this opinion, but it seems that the U.S. Government used the Attacks to reform their country.

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  1. 24013380 より:

    9.11 attacks are bad for American if the U.S government used it to reform their country.

  2. 24013395 より:

    I think that this terrorism might have been caused America. But if this opinion true, I think that America hides terrible things.

  3. 24013397 より:

    This terrorism is very cruel.
    Future , such terrorism is to be avoided to occur.

  4. 24013378 より:

    I suspect too a plot of government. I want to know the truth.

  5. 24013381 より:

    In relation to the terrorism there are many incomprehensible points. If the criminal is America, I will not forgive America.