3355 Courageous Passengers On Flight

On September 11 2001 four planes were hijacked. We had an unforgettable cruel impression. But we don’t know clearly what action took place in United plane 93. Hijackers targeted the National Assembly building or the White House . The passengers were afraid of hijackers. But the passengers never gave up fighting. Some passengers made a sign with eyes, the other made a slogan “ Let’s Roll” . The passengers had fought bravely against hijackers. Unfortunately at 10 AM United plane 93 crashed in Pennsylvania.

After this, soldiers had used “Let’s Roll” as a slogan against  terrorists.Many passengers didn’t die for nothing. We should keep in mind their bravely action and make efforts to exterminate terrorism to realize a peaceful world.

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  1. 24013371 より:

    How courageous they were!!!
    We wanna be like them ・ё・

  2. 24013356 より:

    I am surprised that they done it. I want to become a courageous person.I

  3. myasudakg より:

    > United plane 93
    United Flight 93

    > against hijackers
    agaist the hijackers
    the — a must as they are on the plane

  4. 24013367 より:

    I am very impressed with the courage of the passengers fighting against the hijackers.

  5. 24013372 より:

    Those who said “ Let’s Roll” in danger were very courageous. I wish they were alive.

  6. 24013388 より:

    Passengers were so courageous!!
    I was impressed by this story, and I believe that their action has given courage to many people.

  7. 24013362 より:

    I am surprised at their courageous action!!

  8. 24013393 より:

    I am encouraged by this story.
    This story should be handed down to posterity.