3396 The September Eleventh Attacks

In America, the September eleventh attacks were caused by al-Qaida led by Osama bin Laden. And this terrorism uses the youth to conduct suicide bombing, hijacking planes to collapse important buildings.

In this case, various theories are advocated. For example, there is the theory that the US government, knowing terrorism beforehand, played the terrorist attacks, and the plot theory that the government and military may have concealed the clumsiness at the time of the case. In the background of such the plot theories, there are the distrust for the power of the States and the anti-American sentiment.

It hasn’t yet been revealed what is true about the case. But even if we knew them, nothing will be settled.

I hope that such a terrorism will not happen in the future.

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  1. myasudakg より:

    > such the plot theories
      such xxx plot theories
    > It hasn’t yet known what is true about the case.
    It hasn’t yet been revealed what is true about the case.
    We haven’t known what is true behind the case.

  2. 24013393 より:

    Concealing facts will lead to people’s distrust and antipathy.
    Therefore we can sympathize with your speech.

  3. 24012817 より:

    I think it may be a scheme of Judea.

    please, comment me! help me.

  4. 24013390 より:

    Although we don’t know what is true, I hope that the theories are not sincerity.
    Also, I wish such incident would not happen again.

  5. 24013397 より:

    The truth is you do not know yet.
    However, it should never forgive al-Qaeda.
    Future such attacks should not happen.

  6. 24013382 より:

    I wonder why there are many mysterious points. I guess the American government is concealing something about that day.

  7. 24013381 より:

    We don’t know the truth and think that America is a victim. Maybe we will be able to know the truth in the future. It is a very scary thing.