3387 Michael Moore’s Statement

I’m going to talk about Fahrenheit 911.  It’s the movie produced by Michael Moore.  It criticizes George W. Bush.

For example, the movie depicts that former president won the election thanks to strong connections in the first place.  And when 911 broke out, Bush was at an elementary school and didn’t take action.  Moreover, the administration had a relationship to Usāma bin  Lādin.  And Bush put up a good reason that Iraq had been weapons of mass destruction, and orderd U.S army to attack.

Someone might feel Michael Moore’s criticism too strong.  But for Moore, we would be tricked by a government.  If you see this movie, you can know the terror of power.

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  1. 24013361 より:

    I thought that I should know 9.11 more by this speech.

  2. 24013388 より:

    I want to watch this movie!!
    I tihnk that many new doubts appeare to be revealed by watching this movie.

  3. 24013391 より:

    Some people will criticize the film.
    However, I want to see this movie to know the terror of power.

  4. 24013380 より:

    Although this film criticizes George Washington Bush, I think it is good for us to think about 9.11.

  5. 24013356 より:

    Michael Moore is courageous.
    I can’t do it.

  6. 24013385 より:

    I checked movies too. But I didn’t know the movie.
    I’d like to see it.

  7. 24013384 より:

    I am a fan of Michael Moore.
    After listening your speech, I’d like to see it!