3390 The Aftereffect 9-11 Triggered

Thirteen years have passed since the 9-11 terrorist attacks. However, a serious problem such as discrimination and prejudice against followers of Islam in America still remains.

Four days after 9-11, a first Islam was murdered. With that as a start Islamophobia began to spread across America. Needless to say, not all Americans have the hostility against Islam, but some made a claim in a radical and offensive way. For example, “Keep Islam out of America !”. Due to this, many followers of Islam came to be forced to move out, hiding their identities there.

In order to transcend this aftereffect, we should keep arguing about way to coexist with the diverse races especially in the multi-national nations like America.

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  1. myasudakg より:

    > many followers of Islam became to be forced
    became –> came
    came to be forced
    were forced

  2. 24013393 より:

    It is important that the friction between America and Islam is relaxed by mutual understanding once more.

  3. 24012817 より:

    I think it is important to understand each other.
    Otherwise, friction does not go away.

    please, comment me! help me.

  4. 24013395 より:

    I heard this incident in America for the first time. I think too that people should become neutral and coexist with various religions.

  5. 24013396 より:

    Serious problem such as discrimination and prejudice against followers of Islam should be solved. If it is not solved, problems such as 9.11 wiil happen.