4312-A Wheel Chair for Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is one of the special forms of tennis. Athletes use specially designed wheelchairs. Players can continue the game until the balls bounce 3 times.

That wheelchair is different from ordinary wheelchairs. First, the wheelchair that is used playing tennis is attached like both wheels tilted inward. And both wheels tilting inside, wheelchair tennis players make intense movement. Second, these wheelchair’s don’t have a brake. Third, these wheelchairs have a small wheel on their back. This small wheel contribute to make movement lightly.

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  1. 24014327 より:

    I think Wheel chair for tennis is come up with variouse ideas.
    It enable person with disability to play tennis.

  2. 24014315 より:

    I read your sentences and thought of me interestingly in the tennis performed by a wheelchair.
    It can be said this idea was a very wonderful one, and that the new world opened for the people who have time by a wheelchair.

  3. 24014319 より:

    I was surprised that wheeelchair is used in tennis game.
    I knowed that wheelchair is used playing tennis.

  4. 24014333 より:

    I have heard Mr.Kunieda is super Wheelchair tennis player.But I did not know your speech’s topic.It was so interesting.

  5. 24014310 より:

    I knew that there are wheelchair tennis as a one of athletic events.
    But, I didn’t have enough knowledge. I get new knowledge for your sentences.

  6. 24014299 より:

    I knew wheelchair tennis for the first time.
    They seem able to see the game which doesn’t make an obstacle feel!
    I’ll check it about that, too!

  7. 24014313 より:

    I know a wheel chair tennis.
    But the wheel chair this player using is different from ordinary wheel chair, I don’t know.
    I want to see the game!!