4318-Technology to Draw Talent

Do you know “Face Mouse”? This is a PC software. The A.I.D.A Company started a sale of this software in Japan in July 2012. It is convenient because the knowledge of the PC is not necessary.

Face Mouse was made for people of the quadriplegic. To use it attach a camera to a PC, move a part of nose or the face towards a camera. So, the quadriplegic people able to write a sentence and draw a picture and use Internet alone. But there is a problem. Face Mouse is not cheap because this was produced with much development time and energy.

Therefore, the people who produced it want to do their best for cost cut in the future.

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  1. 24014305 より:

    You can read very fluently!

  2. 24014321 より:

    I have naver hard “Face Mouse”. I want to use it!

  3. 24014319 より:

    I like to use it.
    It is a good idea.

  4. 24014330 より:

    This product is so interesting!
    I want to tell it another people!
    Your choice of technology is good!

  5. 24014333 より:

    You discovered out exiting technology! I want its price to go down. Because I hope to try it.