4321 Convenient technology “Liver-scribe Smart-pen”

If you are destabilized, assistive technology is useful. At present, there is an assistive technology that is called “Liver-scribe Smart-pen”. Have you ever heard “Liver-scribe Smart-pen”?

This can capture what you write and everything that is spoken. Note taking is very difficult for students with disabilities. But, this “smart-pen” enable students to become independent and better note takes. This can also enable them to add additional notes.

However, a negative point is that it is too big to carry easily. Today, current “smart-pen” has improved to be lighter and thinner.

You should try this assistive technology!

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  1. 24014327 より:

    I don’t know smart-pen. I want to use this for once.

  2. 24014305 より:

    It is a great technology!

  3. 24014311 より:

    I have never heard this name. It’s very useful! Please buy it for me!

  4. 24014318 より:

    Your speech was very good! I want to use Smart-pen.

  5. 24014319 より:

    Smart-pen is a very useful. I have never smart pen.
    I like to buy it.

  6. 24014333 より:

    The technolog you choiced was so interesting.Smart pen can change our life special.And your speech was so good!

  7. 24014313 より:

    I think the smart pen is a great technology, but I never hear.
    Listening your sentence, I want to use it.
    If the smart pen had been smart to carry, this would be more familiar with meny people.

  8. 24014307 より:

    I’ve never heard smart-pen. I wan to try it! It is so useful!

  9. 24014299 より:

    A smart pen was heard for the first time!
    The one with such wonderful function!
    It’s technology in a point, isn’t it?
    I’d like to try it out, too.
    First I’d like to do a Google search.

  10. 24014323 より:

    It is very interesting technology!
    I hope to try it.