4315-The Moving Chair

The wheelchair is one of “assistive technologies”. This was produced to support lame persons to move to where they want to go.

“The manual wheelchairs” has been used a lot in those days, but now there are many “motorized wheelchairs”. The motorized wheelchairs are helped them to move just moving by the control lever.

In addition, there is also a wheelchair for the sport for those who want to exercise or need exercise, so type of wheelchair diverse. There are the Olympics games for the athletes on wheelchairs for example tennis,basketball.

In this way, wheelchair changed the world of the lame persons. The wheelchair may be said that it is an“innovative invention”.


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  1. 24014327 より:

    I understand the manual wheelchairs has been used a lot in the old days
    but there are a lot of motorized wheelchairs now and it helps a lot of people.
    Moreover there is also a wheelchair for the sport for those who want to exercise or need exercise.

  2. 24014313 より:

    I think that his saying is right. Although there is no relationship with us, but it is great technology for the handicaped parson as he says.Because his announcement was wonderful.

  3. 24014312 より:

    Wheelchair’s have many kinds of type. These wheelchair’s variations are used by modern society. Certainly, I thought that wheelchair is innovative invention.

  4. 24014325 より:

    I knew that wheelchair sports is played by lame persons from before. I think that such a technology makes all people happy.

  5. 24014310 より:

    I think Wheelchair is well-known, as an assistive technology.
    He says “wheelchair changed the world of the lame persons.” I think too.

  6. 24014329 より:

    It is a body with the wheelchairs that even a physically disabled person can play sports.I gave possibility and was moved endlessly.

  7. 24014332 より:

    I understand the wheelchairs are used for various purposes. Personally, I think that it is interesting to be used for other sports.

  8. 24014299 より:

    I came often to come across the wheelchair made more electric recently.
    I think it’s a really wonderful thing that you can play sports by a wheelchair.
    I’m looking forward to Tokyo Olympic Games.