4323-Assistive Technology as Life Support Devices

Let me introduce an Assistive Technology for the handicapped.

There is a range of life support devices that offer control of the life at home. The home control systems help people who lack full mobility to open doors, answer telephones and intercoms, and operate a host of electronic devices from lamps and televisions to motorized chairs and beds.

Simply select the controller that’s right for you from an innovative new home automation iPad app to a more traditional switch scanning device. Improve our life with an assistive technology system that will increase independence, security and comfort in our own home.

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  1. 24014299 より:

    The function to which an electrical appliance for family use is moved at iPhone and iPad is becoming famous recently.
    Various enterprises are putting its function on sale already.
    It’ll be the convenient world.

  2. 24014330 より:

    This technologyb is marvelous!
    Because we can only switch on, control manydevices around us.
    We Should know it well and spread.

  3. 24014329 より:

    If the person who is in need of something lives by a technology system comfortably and thinks that it is good

  4. 24014332 より:

    I was surprised at this technology! This is very magnificent! This will make our lives more comfortable.

  5. 24014310 より:

    There are many of assistive technology in this sentence.
    I hope Improve our life with such as assistive technology!