4333-The Clock without Hand

Let me introduce a special watch for the blind people. The blind can not tell time on a conventional watch. But fotunately, the special watch is invited to solve the problems.

It is Braille watch of Haptica! Bcause this watch is a digital type to display time by Braille to a clockface, you only touch it, and the number of Braille confirm the time when you want to know. The sound does not come out, You can tell the time exactlly if you do not misread the number. Do you want to try it? Braille watch makes your life special.

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  1. 24014321 より:

    I have never hard this assistive technology. It is usefull! I want to try it!

  2. 24014318 より:

    I want to try it. Your speech was perfect!!!

  3. 24014330 より:

    It is marvelous production!
    This watch can make our life happy.
    I want to use it anytime soon.

  4. 24014323 より:

    It is very intresting. This assistive technology is useful to not only the blind but also non-handicapped person!

  5. 24014333 より:

    Thank you for your kindful comments! I hope that this technology makes our life special.