4305-A Wheelchair without a Hand Use

Let me explain special features for this special wheelchair.
When we chew, our temple in our face move. How can you operate this wheelchair? A belt on the head detects the movement of the temple. Handicapped persons can operate without hand manual but chewing the back teeth. For example they turn to the right when they chew a right back teeth.
I want the handicapped persons to use this wheelchair.
Frist of all, it is for those who cannot use hands due to a lack of muscular strength.
Secondly, it is for those who for shopping in the neighborhood.
Thirdly, it is for a caregiver to control a wheelchair in assisting the riders.

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  1. 24014318 より:

    I thought that this assistive tecnolgy is very convenient and want to use it.

  2. 24014311 より:

    I am interested in this machine. If I use it, what happened!?Wow!

  3. 24014321 より:

    I haven’t hard this wheelchair. I want to try playing this assistive technology!

  4. 24014297 より:

    I have not never know the assistive technology.
    Wheelchair without a hund use is very interesting technology.

  5. 24014310 より:

    I have not see such type wheelchair.
    Your sentence is good, so I can get detail.