4308_Assistive Technology of Keyboards

Do you think that it’s natural to use the keyboards? I was using the keyboards to write this speech. Can a person with an obstacle use a keyboards? Today, let me introduce assistive technology for computer keyboards.

The keyboards and mice designed by Chester Creek help on people of all ages and disabilities. Key are separated by colors every row and the position of the letters are easy to find, the letters of the keyboards are big. People with vision and dexterity issues can achieve greater independence with such increased accessibility to use computers.

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  1. 24014311 より:

    I can’t use the keyboard naturally. I’ll try it!

  2. 24014312 より:

    Now, various age people use a computer and keybords.
    so, using conveniently is great. Every age people can use them.

  3. 24014305 より:

    People who can use the computer increases by this technology.

  4. 24014322 より:

    Keyboard is very useful. I am impressed to read this sentece.Thank you.

  5. 24014310 より:

    I never see multicolors keyboard.I’m interested in it.

  6. 24014297 より:

    this tecnology is so good! I don’t know another how to use as keyboard.