4313 A robot suit

Do you recall when you hear“Assistive Technology”?

I recall a convenience robot suit: HAL. HAL which is made by Mr. Sankai, the professor of University of Tsukuba, is the world‘s first cyborg-type robot, which can be improved, supported and enhanced a wearer‘s bodily functions.

Wearing HAL leads to a fusion of “man”, “machine” and “information”. HAL assists a physically challenged person to move and enables him or her to exert bigger motor energy than usual. HAL is also considered as the system that accelerates a motor learning of cerebral nerves.

Application of HAL is advancing into various fields, such as motion assistance in the welfare field, assistance for heavy work in factories and assistance for rescue activities on disaster sites.

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  1. 24014315 より:

    I think that HAL is great technology.
    They were short sentences, but various information was incorporated, and I thought it was wonderful.

  2. 24014299 より:

    The wheelchair which moves electrically is a really convenient .
    It’s being wished that a more convenient wheelchair is produced from this in an age.

  3. 24014312 より:

    This robot suit contribute to somethinng scenes. This device is just like SF movies.

  4. 24014310 より:

    HAL is wonderful technology!
    But, I wonder if cyborg-type robot HAL will get self mind…

  5. 24014307 より:

    HAL is great technoqogy! but it’s so expensive, isn’t it? I want to buy HAL for a low cost.

  6. 24014321 より:

    I have never hard “HAL”. “HAL”was made by the professor of University of Tsukuba. I want to try it. And your speech was very good!

  7. Mayu ITO より:

    I thought your speech was very good and ”HAL” is very interesting technology.