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Grab bars are smooth, cylindrical bars that are mounted onto walls of a bathroom. Grab bars provide the extra leverage, balance, and support to get up from the toilet, getting in and out of the tub or shower, or simply to move from one place to another.They are useful tools in the shower for anyone with trouble standing, or positioning their bodies.they reduce the strain on the hips and knees.Installing grab bars in a home bathroom will help elderly homeowners to live independently, giving the option of staying in their own home instead of moving to assisted living communities.

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    I think that grab gars are very useful and famous. It will be helpful for me.

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    This assistive technology is helpful in many various places.
    I have used it many times!

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    I regret to find that you received only 2 comments from the classmates by the end of June.

    July 15, 2015. Chao.