4298-The Shoes for Physically Handicapped Person

Do you have some friends who have physically handicaps? I have a friend who do not move legs well. We have been close friends ever since childhood. I often tried to help him. At that time, I discovered an assistive technology for a handicapped person in his shoes.
The shoes have two features. At first, the shoes use magic tapes to fit user’s legs and to ease them to put on. This technology is a consideration for users. Next, the second feature is that the shoes have irregularly shapes than ours. Plus, the shoes are very hard. These outside characteristics are technologies for user to defend from some accidents. Such technical shoes are made by order-made.
Physically handicapped person live hard time, so I want to develop the assistive technology for many handicapped persons.

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  1. 24014333 より:

    Your speech was so impressive. I was moving. Good job!

  2. 24014297 より:

    I don’t have never those friends, but i hered your speech that i was moving.
    that assistive technology is very good.

  3. 24014310 より:

    I think technical shoes is very useful for handicapped Person.
    But, It may have a high price?…