4304 Sale of the Artificial Organ

Artificial organ is an artificial device that replaces the part of the body which was lost by accident or disease.

It is thought that the oldest artificial organ is an artificial thumb discovered in Egypt. The artificial organ embedded in the interior of the body was developed after World War 2. The embedding type apparatus of a blood vessel and an artificial joint was produced by using synthetic resin and metal in 1950 ‘s. But such as the function of the artificial internal organ was damaged by an alien substance reaction. Therefore there was a problem for long-term use. Later, the excellent material was born in biocompatibility with development of materials engineering.

In modern medicine, we cannot ignore the role of the organ transplantation, but, there is a fact that the number of donors is short. Under such conditions , the development of the artificial organ is pushed forward for the patient who cannot be save only by organ transplantation

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