4312-September 11 Attacks

4312-September 11 Attacks

The Islamic terrorist group, “al-Qaeda”, made attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001. Two airplanes crashed into each of New York’s World Trade Center towers one by one. A third one crashed into the Pentagon. A fourth one crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. These incidents were called “September 11 Attacks”.

After these terrors, the United States began to attack Afghanistan in 2001 because Afghanistan was said to be hiding the mastermind, Osama bin Laden. The United States failed to catch him. This operation was called “War in Afghanistan”.

The United States attacked Iraq on March, 2003. This operation was called “Iraq War”. Saddam Hussein was then the President of Iraq. The United States suspected him of the al-Qaeda supporter. This was one of the reasons for the outbreak of this war. In 2008, the United States reported that the direct evidence was not found.

Those wars left many victims. More than 200,000 lives were lost. Although we should fight against terrorist, we must make efforts to stop a war.

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  1. 24014311 より:

    We have not to only grieve about terrorism, to confront it, and to be settle.

  2. 24014307 より:

    I hope any war is gone from all parts of the world.

  3. 24014310 より:

    I don’t know that “War in Afghanistan” and “Iraq War” is America’s revenge war.
    I think “we must make efforts to stop a war” too.

  4. 24014315 より:

    As a result, the United States sent more victims by war. So I thought that should not make war.
    I was able to realize me again thanks to your composition when it should not fight.

  5. 24014299 より:

    It is necessary to fight terrorism but It is different to the war.
    It would involving up to people who are not related.
    We must find a way to resolve to make way and international peace and fighting terrorism.

  6. 24014323 より:

    It is difficult problem, but I think we need to make a effort to stop a war too.