4322-Tragedy of 9.11

Tragedy of 9.11   Do you know 9.11 attacks?  This incident occurred on 9.11 in 2001.  When I was six years old, I watched it on TV. This incident is known by everyone in the US. The images are going to be handed down from age to age. It robbed the lives of the 2,749 people. Who did commit the incident and a terrible?  The criminals are said Al-Qaeda terrorist group.  This group robbed a lot of lives of people.  It should not be forgiven by the victims and their family.  This tragedy must not occure again.

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  1. 24014311 より:

    I think so too. It’s very scared and makes us sad.

  2. 24014327 より:

    I also think this tragedy must not occure again.

  3. 24014329 より:

    Oneself agrees, too. I feel very sad.