4332-9.11 Attacks

Terrorism occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001.   Four airplanes were hijacked by al-Qaeda to crash into buildings.

In total, the attacks claimed the lives of about 3,000 people including 19 hijackers and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage and $3 trillion in total costs.

The official theory about this terrorism claims that it was attacked by al-Qaeda.   However, conspiracy theories claim there was advance knowledge of the attacks among high-level government officials.   I think there are more misteries in this terrorism.   What on earth is the truth of terrorism?

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  1. 24014330 より:

    I don’t know about conspiracy theories about 911.
    So,I’m surprised and want to know more about it.

  2. 24014319 より:

    I thouht taht WTC attacks consisted of suicide attacks target the World Trade Center Buildings.

  3. 24014327 より:

    By this accident, many people were killed.I shocked.

  4. 24014299 より:

    What is the truth?
    The truth is that the unrelated person of life has been deprived of a lot.
    It is really cruel, and it is deplorable.

    It is not the thing to be forgiven absolutely.

  5. 24014329 より:

    Many people are dead and are the case that many expenses disappear, and is really terrible.

  6. 24014325 より:

    Nobody knows the truth of terrorism.
    We should be concerned with this problem.