4315-Cost of 911

The growing rate of the gross domestic product of the United States increased in succession for seven quarters. In other words, American economy has restored. On the other hand, the total production of New York City has decreased and continued to adversely affect it in succession for ten quarters.

While the United States has restored overall economy, New York City’s negative economic growth has continued for two and a half years, this means an influence on economy of synchronized terrorist attacks is still big, and it shows that the aftermath of the shocks still is serious even now.

New York City estimates that the GDP which will be downed approximately by 60 billion dollars.

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    Missing an IDNO 4 digit number to the title, please. MY

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    I become addicted to read this presentaion.
    Because it is different of others presentaion.
    I’m very interested in his presentaion.

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    Your idea of seeing the American terrorist attacks from such economic point of view is that I thought great.

  4. 24014327 より:

    an influence on economy of synchronized terrorist attacks was very big.

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    Economic influence is a interesting view point.
    These terror’s influence are so huge.

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    60 billion dollars! I can’t image this suffering. It’s the biggest economy disaster in 21 century.

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    Not onlu the terrorism killed many people, it had a bad effect on economic.