4325-Justice of Terrorism

The Attack on America on September 11 killed about 3,000 people in buildings. It is a real and historic matter that people all over the world can’t forget. The United States thought this terrorism is the beginning of a war.

Why did the terrorists commit such a cruel action? It is because they believed it was not evil but justice. They got angry with a disparate world. For the terrorists, they think they are only victims. However, many innocent people were killed by the selfish actions of the terrorists. They must not resort to violence for any reasons.

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  1. 24014315 より:

    It was very interesting by the contents from a strange point of view.
    I cannot judge that 911 is justice or the evil.

  2. 24014313 より:

    According to his presentaion, the cause such a tragedy have occered is that they believed it was not evil but justice.
    I think so and his thinking: 
    “They must not resort to violence for any reasons”
    is right.
    My thinking is same with him overall.

  3. 24014299 より:

    I am the same idea too.
    Many of innocent human life was taken away.
    It does not resolve anything in violence and violence is that not allowed.

  4. 24014330 より:

    I think that this is so terrible case.
    We never forget it.
    We should know more about it.

  5. 24014329 より:

    Many people encounter damage,I feel sad.We must never forget it.

  6. 24014332 より:

    I think anyone must not use violence even if there is any reason. I wish solution by the violence disappears