3141 Assistive Technology of around Me


           There are a lot of assistive technologies around us. Of course, both physically handicapped persons and the normal persons use. So let me talk about Assistive Technologies. 

           There are three assistive technologies I like. First is a remote control device. If you placed the remote control on near you, you can do all tasks in your home without moving. The second is an elevator. If there is not elevator, physically handicapped persons can’t move to another floor. The third is reading glasses for the aged. I think this is the most useful tool for the aged. Such useful tools are typical Assistive Technologies.

           Although my grandfather became handicapped, these assistive technologies helped him and more comfortable his life.

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    the speech is very nice

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    It’s a good speech!!

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    Your speech is interesting!

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    I understand a lot of assistive technologies around us.
    I think we can make more useful assistive technology.

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    It’s very good! That’s all!