3120 A Hearing Aid

Let me introduce a hearing aid. This instrument is one of the assistive technologies.   A hearing aid that was made for hearing handicapped persons is a machine that makes people to hear sound or voices.  A hearing aid made for people with difficulty in hearing can catch sound or voices.  Also it can cut noises.

Recently a digital model hearing aid is the mainstream.  The digital model hearing aid has its software program that changes special property of sounds, and that adjustment can operate very simple and impromptu. That function is very wonderful!  

I believe that it will develop more and more in the future.

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  1. 24013119 より:

    You were very calm during your speach time, and I think it is great!!
    Your speach was easy to understand because you only used simple words.
    I also think the development of hearing aid will never stop.

  2. 24013127 より:

    This device is good, especially it can cut noises!
    I hope that this device will spread more and more, too!!!

  3. 24013114 より:

    There are many people who needs the instrument in the society.
    You gave its advantades well.

  4. 24013146 より:

    Your speech is very easy to hear!!
    And your speech is very impressive for me in that although you seem to be very nervous, you speak hard.

  5. 24013143 より:

    Your volume of voice is very splendid!!
    Good job!!

  6. 24013118 より:

    I also think this function is wonderful.
    You are great!

  7. 24013115 より:

    I’m interested in this device.
    I think that a digital model hearing aid should spread more and more!